The picture below is interactive. Click a toolbar button to open a tab. Hover the cursor on a setting to get its description.

Number of visible task windows at the same moment. You will be asked what to do when there's another window ready to pop up.
Find a better way to access application features. It can be either the Dock icon (default) or the menu icon, next to the clock and wifi indicators, or both icons at once.
When the option is on the Dock icon is badged with average download speed.
Display count of tasks that match a side menu filter. The option is only applied to the built-in filters.
Use a separate process for each download.

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When this one is on and one task is selected the task's log is shown in the bottom of the main window.
Show a small diagram to trace download speed changes. Updated once per 2 seconds.
Check this box to immediately add new tasks skipping all dialogs.
Get useful tips once a day.
Set file extension according its data when server doesn't provide one.
Make the application keep running only when there's something to download and quit as all downloads finished.
Reset all previously saved dialog answers you ever chose to remember.
Show or hide advanced options. This button affects all tabs.
This is where you can log in/out your Zevera or account and briefly check its status.
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