Download History tracks all download tasks that have ever been added to the download queue: finished and unfinished. It comes handy when you need to find place from where you downloaded a particular file or just to check what you downloaded on a back date.

Download History Window

The window consists of two main parts:

The date range menu contains the most frequently used items starting from today and yesterday and ending with the third month from now. You can also specify your own date range by a click on the “custom” item or try to display the whole history by clicking “Ever”.

The list of tracked downloads displays items depending on the date range selected in the menu. Each cell has got three buttons: The “open” button is only enabled when file is still in the same place where it has been successfully downloaded.

Right-click on cell reveal the context menu which repeats functional of the buttons with an extra ability to copy referring address when available.

Start date reflects date and time when the download task was added.
Finish date persists only if the task was successfully completed.

Application searches for the text you input in the search field among addresses of the download tasks added within the selected date range.

Only 50 downloads are visible by default and if number of added tasks overcome the limit feel free to change it.